The Institute of Linguistics
The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

    Founded in June 1950 as a research facility under the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences (CASS) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the current Institute of Linguistics under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is the top institute of linguistic research in the People's Republic. It is proud of an array of scholars of significant influence both at home and abroad with their marked accomplishment in the areas like phonetics and phonology, syntax and semantics, dialectology, lexicology, historical linguistics, and minority language study, among whom DING Shengshu, LUO Changpei, Lü Shuxiang, LU Zhiwei, and FU Maoji are the most famed.

Major Fields of Research
History of Chinese Language
Old Chinese
Middle Chinese
Modern Chinese
Contemporary Chinese
Writing System
Phonetics and Phonology
Syntax and Semantics
Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis
Speech Synthesis and Recognition
Chinese Dialectology
Lexicography and Chinese Dictionary Compilation
Computational Linguistics
Machine Translation

Previous Directors
LUO Changpei (1950-1958)
Lü Shuxiang (1958-1982)
LI Rong (1982-1985)
LIU Jian (1985-1996)
JIANG Lansheng (1996-1999)
Present Director 
SHEN Jiaxuan
Present Deputy Directors
ZHANG Guoxian

Senior Research Fellows (Professors) 20
Research Fellows (Associate Professors) 25
Other 41
Total 86

Research Divisions
Old Chinese
Modern Chinese
Contemporary Chinese
Contemporary Linguistics
Phonetics and Phonology
Applied Linguistics
Dictionary Compilation
Editorial Board of Zhongguo Yuwen
Research Management
Maintenance Service
Human Resources

Academic Societies Under Leadership:
Society of Chinese Linguistics
National Society of Chinese Dialects

Academic Journals
Zhongguo Yuwen (Chinese Language and Writing), bimonthly
Fangyan (Dialects), quarterly
Dagdai Yuyanxue (Contemporary Linguistics), quarterly

Major Achievements 
Zhongguo Wenfa Yaolue (Essence of Chinese Grammar)
Wenyan Xuzi (Function Words in Traditional Chinese)
Hanyu Yufa Lunwenji (Theses on Chinese Grammar)
Hanyu Yufa Fenxi Wenti (Issues on Analysis of Chinese Grammar)
Xiandai Hanyu Babai Ci (800 Major Words in Contemporary Chinese)
Jindai Hanyu Zhidaici (Deixis Words in Modern Chinese)
Jingdai Hanyu Xuci Yanjiu (Research on Functional Words in Modern Chinese)
Guyin Shuolue (Outline of Archaic Chinese Pronunciation)
Shiyun Pu (Phonology in Poetry)
Beijinghua Danyinci Cihui (Lexicon of Monosyllabic Words in Beijing Dialect)
Hanyu de Goucifa (Chinese Word Formation)
Xiamen Yinxi (Phonological System of Xiamen Dialect)
Tang Wudai Xibei Fangyin (Phonology of the Northwestern Dialects in Tang and Five Dynasties)
Hanyu Yinyunxue Daolun (Introduction to Chinese Phonology)
Yuyan yu Wenhua (Language and Culture)
Hanyu Yinyun Jiangyi (Lectures on Chinese Phonology)
Gujin Ziyin Duizhao Shouce (Comparison Handbook of Archaic-Contemporary Chinese Pronunciation)
Xiandai Hanyu Cidian (Contemporary Chinese Dictionary)
Qieyun Yinxi (Phonological System of Qieyun)
Hanyu Fangyan Diaocha Shouce (Investigation Handbook of Chinese Dialects)
Yinyun Cun'gao (Theses on Phonology)
Yuwen Lunheng (On Chinese Language and Writing)
Zhongguo Yuyan Dituji (Language Atlas of China)
Xiandai Hanyu Fangyan Dacidian (The Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese Dialects, 41 volumes)
Shiyong Yuyinxue Gaiyao (A Practical Introduction to Phonetics)
Jindai Hanyu Yufa Ziliao Huibian-Tang Wudai Juan(A Collection of Language Materials for Modern Chinese Grammar Studies: Tang and Five Dynasties)
Putonghua Yuyin Fenxi yu Hecheng de Jichu Yanjiu (Basic Studies of Phonetic Analysis and Synthesis of Putonghua)
Hanyu Gongneng Yufa Yanjiu (Functional Studies on Chinese Syntax)
Dunhuang Bianwen Yufa Yanjiu (Grammar Research on Dunhuang Bianwen)
Zhongyuan Yinyun Yinxi (Mid-China Phonologies)
Jindai Hanyu Zhuci (Auxiliary Words of Modern Chinese)
Computer Softwares
A Synthesis System of Putonghua Syllables
English-Chinese Machine Translation Systems JFY-3, 5
A Computer Processing System of Chinese Dialects

Academic Exchange
    Language Atlas of China (English-Chinese Version), published in 1987 by Longman (Far East) with the financial assistance of UNESCO, is a joint endeavor by the Australian Academy of the Humanities and Institute of Linguistics, CASS, and also a key project of China's Sixth Five-Year Plan. 

Postgraduate Programs
    The Institute also serves as the Department of Linguistics under the Graduate School of CASS providing MA and PhD Programs of Chinese language and literature, linguistics, and applied linguistics, which have produced 12 PhD's and 42 MA's in the past two decades. The department currently has 7 PhD tutors, 21 PhD candidates (among whom 9 are international students), and 14 MA candidates (among whom 6 are international students).

    Library of the Institute is proud of its rich inventory of literature on linguistics and Chinese language research and its substantial reserve of precious ancient books, among which more than 600 are fine editions of rare books, including Siku Zhenben Congshu (Precious Books Selected from Siku Quanshu, A Complete Library in the Four Branches of Literature), Sibu Congkan (Books Selected from Siku Quanshu), Dazangjing (Tri-Pitaka, all Buddhist sutras in Chinese version), Dunhuang Baozang (Treasure of Dunhuang), Biji Xiaoshuo Daguan Congshu (Panoramic Anthology of Literary Sketches), and Guben Xiqu Congkan (Anthology of Ancient Editions of Drama). 

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